Russ & Marcia Reighley

We would like to share a little bit of our journey that led us to God’s call to serve as Co-Pastor’s.

We joined Community in Christ Presbyterian Church in Greensboro twenty -six years ago. We have belonged to two additional Presbyterian Churches since 2001; Westminster in Greensboro and First Presbyterian in Hickory where we are presently members. Together we have been active Elders five times, served on or chaired many committees, led a capital building campaign, acted as worship leaders and received many blessings through participation in numerous church and mission activities. Fourteen years ago Russ and I attended North Carolina Presbyterian Pilgrimage which is a three day spiritual retreat similar to ‘Walk to Emmaus, Via D’ Christo, and Cursilo. This was a powerful, life changing event in our lives.

Russ's secular career has been primarily business related. His skills have evolved to working with companies that are in the midst of major change and helping them to develop and implement processes of improvement, which redefine and redirect their goals and enable these companies to grow stronger and larger. I am a Stephen Minister and have received training as a counselor with the Pregnancy Care Center of Catawba. I have also facilitated sexual abuse and post abortion healing. I have known no greater joy than when I am serving God by serving others in my area of spiritual giftedness! In May of 2011 we completed a two year Laity Training offered through the Presbytery of Western Carolina. In September 2011 we began serving Sweetwater Presbyterian in Hickory as Co-Pastors where we shared responsibility in planning and leading worship as well as preparing and presenting the sermon message. Russ served in the area of Administration and I in Pastoral Care. We fulfilled our pastoral contract on Sunday July 1,2012.

Russ and I are filled with positive expectations as to what Christ will accomplish through us as his vessels. Christ is moving ahead of both us and this congregation, opening up the way to new opportunities for each of us to experience personal spiritual growth while being transformed into a Spirit filled, Spirit led church. We feel blessed to be a part of this church and we want you to know that this mission is not about us; we are nothing more than facilitators for our Lord.

Russ and I would like to encourage you to come to Jesus with a teachable spirit, open minds and hearts accepting of change. A close walk with Christ is a life of continual newness. Try to embrace change as you step forward into a new season in the life of Christ’s church.

Radiant Peace,

Marcia and Russ Reighley, Co Pastors